Colorado Walk 2019

Kansas Prairie Alphas

Join us in our efforts to support the

Alpha-1 Foundation!

This cause is very important to me. Your donation will help support the great programs and research conducted to find a cure for Alpha-1. Your contribution is greatly appreciated. Thanks to everyone who has donated to the Alpha 1Foundation in my name. I realized that I should have posted on this site, but better late than never. As I mentioned in my earlier post, I was diagnosed with Alpha 1 Antitrypsian Deficiency in 2014. It is a genetic condition that was passed to me by my parents. Neither of them had the disease, but both had to be carriers for mr to contract the disease. It affects my lungs, but can also affect the liver. There is no cure yet, but with research there may be a cure someday. I'm sure my brother, Tom had it too, although he was always treated for asthma. I am fortunate that I did not develop symptoms earlier in life. I am being treated at National Jewish Health in Denver, Colorado. It's a wonderful hospital with amazing doctors. I am attending an Alpha 1 Education Day on Saturday August 3 and will participate in the "Step Forward for Alpha-1 Wall" on Sunday August 4. My sister-in-law Judy and good friend JC will accompany me.   


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