Riding for a Reason 2022


We are the community that surround Bode, John and Meghan! We may be spread across the country and even across continents, but we are very much present in our support of them! We have the opportunity to rise up as a community and come together to support a great cause!

As many of you are aware, little Bode was diagnosed with Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency, a genetic condition that can cause liver disease as well as lung disease. Bode's liver is not working as it should and he is in need of a liver because of this condition. This is simply one way we can come together and raise awareness and funding for Alpha-1 We are hoping for advances in treating this condition. 

Join us in our efforts to support the Alpha-1 Foundation! We will be riding, walking (other activities welcome) for a cause! You can ride 100 miles total for the month of September (stationary bikes count too), ride 100 miles total as a family or just do what you can! You can track your miles via apps like Strava and share your progress with the team! You can also support the team with funding and be a cheerleader! 


 Bode is incredibly BRAVE and RESILLIENT! He continues to laugh and smile despite not feeling well and on very difficult days! So, when you're riding up a killer hill or your legs are burning-- draw some inspiration from little Bode, push through the discomfort.. and RIDE FOR A REASON!

This cause is very important to us. Your donation will help support the great programs and research conducted to find a cure for Alpha-1. Your contribution is greatly appreciated! 

Please continue to keep this precious boy and his parents in your thoughts and prayers!

Thank you for riding for a reason and supporting this cause!  

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