Virtual Walk 2022

Connor's Crew

My son Connor was diagnosed with Alpha-1 (zz phenotype) when he was 2 weeks old. Leaving the hospital we had no idea he had this genetic condition. When we had our first appointment with the pediatrician she noticed he looked a little yellow to her and called for a bilirubin test to be done. His conjugated bilirubin number was high,so we were referred to a GI specialist to figure out why. After many more blood test and an ultrasound of his liver, we found out that he has Alpha-1.

In January of 2022, Connor was in the hospital due to ascites (fluid in his belly). He under went many tests and pokes in order to identify if the ascites was being caused by his liver or by something else. Everything else was thankfully ruled out but it was identified that his liver already had a little bit of scarring.

September 2022 brought more ascites and another hospital stay to get it under control along with a diagnosis of portal hypertension and progressed scarring on his liver. A scope was done to identify if there was varices and thankfully there was not.

Doctors are now talking about the process to identify if Connor is a candidate for a liver transplant.

Join the challenge by walking or running; set your own goal during November!

The Virtual Walk allows you to walk anywhere, anytime during the month of November in support of Alpha-1 Awareness Month! #A1FVW22

The Alpha-1 Foundation’s Virtual Walk helps support the mission to find a cure for Alpha-1. Funds from this event will be used to support research and related programs.

Connor's Crew will be walking Saturday November 5th. Feel free to join us that day or another day in November! 



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