Welcome to the Step Forward for

Alpha-1 Portland!

Join Dr. Barker, Alpha patients, caregivers, family and friends for a great afternoon spreading awareness and raising funds for the cure! Donations will be used to support research and related programs for Alpha-1.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Meet at Sellwood Park at 3:00 pm

SE 7th Avenue & Miller Street, Portland OR 97202

Then join us for a free Patient Dinner at 7:00 pm (at the Crowne Plaza) to kick start the Alpha-1 Education Day on Sunday!

The parking lot is at SE 7th Ave. and Malden St: https://goo.gl/maps/bpiK98vSf6k.

We will be meeting at Sellwood Park Trailhead. 



Here's how to join:

1. Sign Up

Click on the Register button above to register online. You can Start a Team or Join a Team.There is a $25 registrations fee that includes a t-shirt.

  • Join a Team= join an existing team of a family member or friend
  • Form a Team= become a team captain and recruit people for your team 
  • Register as an Individual= register individually not linked to any team. 


2. Create Your Online Fundraising Page

You will automatically get a fully customizable, personal fundraising page where you can collect donations. You can link this page to your social media pages to make collecting donations easier than ever.

3. Spread the Word

Then you can send emails to your friends and family through your Participant Center. The emails will provide a direct link to your personal fundraising page where your friends and family can make a donation on your behalf. 

Don’t forget to take plenty of photos and post them to your Facebook page! 

For additional assistance, please contact Angela McBride at amcbride@alpha1.org. or go to the FAQ's tab at the top of the page.